Enrique Parra Tenor

Enrique Parra Tenor

2013 Started studies at the Vera School of Music (Spain).

2016 Participation in the Classical Music Festival together with the main artists of the Marisnky theater in Saint Petersburg in the Bellina Classic festival several concerts and piano recitals.  2016 Master Class by Vladimir Samsonov first baritone of the Marisnky theater from Saint Petersburg.  2017 Winner of a scholarship to study in Italy for high vocal improvement 6 months valued at €40,000

2017 Course of high vocal improvement in Naples (Italy), at the Enrico Caruso Academy by Giuseppe Schirone, conductor, baritone and composer director of the Accademia Internazionale Enrico Caruso.

2018 Master Class at the “Elena Obratzova” academy in Saint Petersburg (Russia) The most renowned international academy in this country.

2018 Operatic repertoire improvement course Together with maestro Ricardo Ali Álvarez, international pianist and first pianist of the Reina Sofia in Madrid.  Also with him, maestro Roberto Braccini, pianist, founder of one of the most piano major of Europe, Lugano (Switzerland).

2018 Master Class by Paco Santiago, student of Alfredo Krauss and Placido Sunday, in Toledo (Spain).

2019-2021 Interpretation course by the teacher Thierry Dutty, artist of the Oprenhauss theater in Switzerland for more than 25 years.

2020 Appearance in the Andalusian state television program, Land of talent, winning a night of the program with “O Sole mio”, moving on to the next phase of challenges singing Queen “We are the Champions” with very good reviews from the opera singer who had in the jury, the baritone Carlos Álvarez with constructive criticism such as “you have the voice of the lyrical tenor par excellence.

Type of voice Tenor Lirico languages:

Italian, Spanish, English

2021 INTERNATIONAL DEBUT At the festival dedicated to Enrico Caruso, the most important Partenope tenor in the world of lyric music.  Festival consisting of 5 concerts:

Phone: +34 663 42 69 66

Email: [email protected]

My first concert – My international debut was a piano recital.  On August 3, the Castell d’ell Ovo, Naples (Italy).

Second concert – I performed at the Oltremare Mediterráneo theater in Naples (Italy) on December 5 at the festival dedicated to Enrico Caruso, with an orchestra of 54 members, a concert of two tenors, In this concert I had the pleasure of premiering two compositions, one together with the Italian tenor Francesco Malapena.  The three following concerts were given on the 17th, 18th, 19th. Also with orchestra and piano.  Naples (Italy)



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